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Science Olympiad Tournament Results
Posted On:
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

It was a fun tournament at UT-Austin this past weekend.  Our two teams placed 5th and 8th out of 25 teams. 


Huge thanks to the other Mr. Walker (Daniel) for helping chaperone this tournament! 


Below are 1st through 5th place finishes (out of 25) in individual events for this tournament. Please congratulate these students if you have them in your classes. I've attached a team photo. 



Edward Lee and Andrew Yu – 1st Place - Anatomy and Physiology

Michael Taleff and Andrew Yu – 1st Place – Materials Science

Edward Lee and Nihita Sarma – 1st Place – Microbe Mission

Yash Patil and Kevin Black – 1st Place – Mission Possible

Michael Taleff and Mihir Kamble – 2nd Place – Dynamic Planet

Sreenidhi Tupuri and Yash Patil – 2nd Place – Mousetrap Vehicle

Kevin Black and Sarah Chieng – 3rd Place – Game On

Prerna Kundalgurki and Jessica Ding – 3rd Place – Microbe Mission

Akshara Anand and Manasa Sudunagunta – 3rd Place – Forensics

Manasa Sudunagunta and Prerna Kundalgurki – 3rd Place – Ecology

Sarah Chieng, Edward Lee, Eshita Sangani – 4th Place – Experimental Design

Edward Lee and Andrew Yu – 4th Place – Ecology

Manasa Sudunagunta and Prerna Kundalgurki – 4th Place – Herpetology

Zac Schulwolf and Shihen Lin – 4th Place – Mousetrap Vehicle

Sreenidhi Tupuri and Danika Luo – 5th Place – Optics

Sarah Chieng and Yash Patil – 5th Place – Thermodynamics

Abhi Dhir and Shihen Lin – 5th Place – Astronomy

Alec Schultz and Keyu Chen – 5th Place – Helicopters

Jessica Ding and Akshara Anand – 5th Place – Materials Science



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