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LASA SciO at Rice
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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

It was a fun tournament at Rice University this past weekend.  Our team placed 10th (8th place school) out of 34 teams. This is a great result for a team made up of mostly of freshmen and sophomores. 


Below are 1st through 10th place finishes (out of 34) for the tournament.  Please congratulate these students if you see them.


1st – Helicopters – Richard Liu, Kevin Seon

2nd – Chemistry Lab – Ethan Lim, Eshita Sangani

2nd – Optics – Sreenidhi Tupuri, Mihir Kamble

3rd – Mousetrap Vehicle – Zac Schulwolf, Richard Liu

4th – Experimental Design – Samuel Tian, Vidhya Annem, Ishan Ladhani

5th – Fermi Questions – Samuel Tian, Nikhil Lyles

7th – Dynamic Planet – Vidhya Annem, Mihir Kamble

7th – Hovercraft – Ishan Ladhani, Chinmay Murthy

7th – Thermodynamics – Samuel Tian, Timothy Edison

8th – Materials Science – Sreenidhi Tupuri, Ethan Lim

9th – Mission Possible – Zac Schulwolf, Kevin Seon 


At the awards ceremony, we got to hear from Dr. Robert Curl, Rice alumni and winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 for his discovery of the buckyball (buckminsterfullerene), a 60-atom molecular allotrope of carbon. This was a really special experience.

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