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Yearbook Top State Award and Editor Announcement
Posted On:
Monday, May 07, 2018

This weekend the LASA Stetson yearbook staff attended the ILPC Spring Convention at UT (ILPC is UIL for journalism). Senior Mia Cooper's feature story on Coach Jackson won the top individual achievement award in the state, a gold medal. Please congratulate her if you see her!


Also,announcing the incoming editorial staff for next year. The students listed below applied and interviewed for editor positions and will be working hard next year to lead the staff.


Editors 2019


Abby Daly


Managing Editors

Hannah Saquing

Ben Appel

Molly Dowe


Photography Editors

Malak Tousson

Ella Neff

Anna Thomas


Business & Outreach Editors

Clara Gibbs

Eliza Greenberg

Peyton Ivey


Spirit Section Editors

Macy Nelms

Omar Carrasco


Sports Section Editors

Ella Plowman

Laila Tousson


Student Life/Academics Section Editors

Becca Brackin

Salma Bora

Emily Baker

Zahir Shaikh


Clubs Section Editor

Brooke Tayor


People Section Editor

Ellen Garay


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