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LASA Acceptance Procedures



LASA Acceptance Procedures:


As in years past, LASA will first complete a holistic review of all applications based on our published rubric. Students will be ranked without any identifying information from highest rubric score to lowest with the top possible score being a 25. We will accept 80% of our incoming class based on this holistic score alone. For the remaining 20% we will start with the next student according to the holistic score rankings. We will complete a deeper dive into the student's application and if they meet three out of five of the special circumstances listed below, he/she will receive an acceptance. We will continue doing this until we have accepted the next 20% or until we reach the score below which we do not feel a student will be successful at LASA. In other words:



Our special circumstance categories will be:

Student will be in the first generation of their family to attend college.

Student is zoned to a Middle School where the official population of students who qualify as economically disadvantaged is 70% or greater.

Student belongs to a racial or ethnic group that is underrepresented on campus compared with the City of Austin demographic profile.

Student has demonstrated academic accomplishment despite unusually difficult circumstances.

Student successfully embraces academic challenges.