Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Advanced Placement ExamS

Students can earn college credit and place out of college courses. During the last few years, LASA students have earned an average of about 20 credit hours per student. Students taking AP courses are experiencing challenging, college-level curriculum. The AP exam is the final assessment of how the student has mastered this curriculum. The experience is valuable as it is similar to what students will encounter when taking finals in college.

  • LASA AP Exams are taken the first two-full weeks in May as determined by College Board.
  • Registration is open during the month of February.

To sign up to take any AP Exam(s) at LASA:

  • STEP ONE: Complete Registration Form (filled out by students) *
  • STEP TWO: Submit Payment (check, cash, money orders, payment plans, etc)

*Parent and students' emails will be required to register, both will receive an email confirming exams and showing the total amount due.