Counselor Corner

Need Assistance Immediately?

Orange slips – Orange slips can be requested by a student who is in the midst of a mental health emergency such as suicide ideation or self-injurious thoughts. The student can ask anyone working in the office for an “Orange slip” which indicates to the office staff that the student is in need of immediate assistance and is not feeling safe. The child will be taken to a counselor immediately who can assist in keeping the student safe.

Ms. Rios

Academic Counselor A-E


Main Office

Ms. McPherson

Lead Counselor, F-Li


Main Office

Ms. Solorio

Academic Counselor LL-Ri


Main Office

Ms. Woodrow

Academic Counselor Ro-Z


Main Office

What can I talk to counselors about? Check out the Academic Counselors Roles & Responsibilities.

Wellness Counselor


Room 214

Wellness Counselor


Room 279

Wellness Counselors can work with all students for personal counseling, and they also design school-wide programs

College Counselor A-L


Room 273 College Center

College Counselor M-Z


Room 273 College Center

Ms. Kocian & Mr. Ganesan work with juniors in the spring and seniors all year long!

Meet Scout, Lasa's therapy dog

  • Certified Therapy Dog
  • Professional Snuggler
  • 11 years old
  • She is super friendly and approachable!
  • Hangs out with Ms. McPherson