The LASA/LBJ Band is rich in tradition and highly respected as one of the finest band programs in Texas. This proud program has represented Texas in places as far away as London, Paris and Beijing and has won top festival awards in six different states. The pursuit of musical excellence on the marching field, in the jazz arena, and in the concert hall by the 220+ member Jaguar Band has become legendary. Members find that making great music and making great friends go hand in hand.

The Austin Chamber Music Center provides an enrichment program with emphasis on chamber music and performance. The chamber music staff are local professional musicians who present major ensemble works to the advanced bane members in each band class. Students then get the opportunity to work together as a chamber ensemble and rehearse and perform a chamber music piece.

The Band program offers a private lesson program on campus. To assist our students, Austins finest music teachers are invited to come to LBJ and teach the interested members during band class or after school.

The LBJ Band places great value in the music educational experience when planning its annual spring band trip. The Band travels enhance the development of its students from an historic perspective, as well as rewarding them musically. In 2009, the Band will travel to New York City to perform and take in the citys many sights.

In addition to the Marching Band, there is a Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble, all under the leadership of Director Don Haynes, (512) 414-7032. Other Band instructors include: Brian Burks, Assistant Director; Ponder East, Director of Jazz Studies; Tyler Dempsey, Director of Percussion; Fernando Hernandez, Colorguard Director; Katie Jordan, Assistant Colorguard Director; and Nate Ward, Assistant Percussion Director.

Jazz Band

The Jazz Bands perform on campus, at local events, and in jazz festivals around Texas. The Jazz Bands regularly receive top finishes at the jazz festivals of TCU, Temple, Texas State, Tarleton, among others. Many students from the LBJ Jazz Band have gone on to major in music at some of the best music schools in the country including Berkeley College of Music in Boston, University of North Texas, New England Conservatory, Oberlin and the University of Texas.

During the school day, there is the Jazz Ensemble/Combo, which alternates between rehearsing big band music and small combo music. This class is for Juniors and Seniors. After school on Wednesdays, there is the Stage Band, which rehearses big band music of many different styles. This group is for Freshmen and Sophomores.