*Online submissions by February 1st at 11:59pm or USPS Postmarked by February 1st

How to Apply to LASA for the 2021-2022 School Year

While the application period to apply to LASA for the 2021-22 school year is closed, every summer, we consider allowing applicants to apply in the summertime. IF you would like to be considered as an applicant for the 21-22 school year, please send an email to Mr. Paulson will send you an email no later than Tuesday, June 8 letting you know if LASA has decided to allow for summer applications. If we do allow summer applicants, the application process is the same except students will not take the entrance exam/CogAT exam.

If you are a current 7th grader and wondering if you should take the STAAR exam at your middle school, please know that LASA does not play a role in that question. Parents should decide if their child should take the middle school STAAR exam based on their comfort level of having their children return to school. Students who apply to LASA and do not take the STAAR exam will not be negatively impacted on their application because of this decision.

  1. Do you live in AISD?

    • If yes, go to #2.

    • If no, you may not apply to LASA High School for the 2021-2022 school year.

    • If you move within Austin ISD’s boundaries before February 1, 2021 and that is your primary residence, then LASA is allowed to assess your application.

    • If families move to Austin and their primary residence is established 45 days after the application due date, LASA will be allowed to assess your application but not until we have confirmation of a utility bill.

  2. Do you have an AISD parent cloud account? (Be sure you do NOT create a new account if you already have one with AISD.)

    • If yes, go to step #3.

    • If no, you must create a parent cloud account before you can complete the application information. You will need to submit proof of residence in Austin ISD (utility bill in parent name) and you can do this either on the LASA Application Applicant Information electronically or you can mail a copy of your utility bill. Please go to our website and access common links for the parent cloud account.

  3. In the AISD Parent Cloud, complete the AISD Intent to Apply for a Magnet/Application Program.

    • This program will send your request for Letters of Recommendation via email to those teachers.

    • LASA strongly recommends that students ask teachers in person if they will complete a Letter of Recommendation before you complete the AISD Intent to Apply for a Magnet/App. Program.

    • Before filling out the AISD Intent to Apply for a Magnet/Application Program, please gather the email addresses for your teachers that will be providing recommendations for you.

    • In the Parent Cloud, search for the “AISD Intent to Apply” tile.

    • Once you complete the AISD Intent to Apply for a Magnet/Application Program, you will receive a confirmation email from the District.

  4. Student should then complete the LASA Application Applicant Information form.

    • Parents that are new to Austin ISD must submit their most recent utility bill that shows they live in Austin ISD. Any applicant that does not follow residency requirements will not have their application evaluated for admission to LASA.

    • It is crucial that you enter a student email address and a parent email address. We will use these email addresses as our primary way to communicate with you regarding any updates or needed items for your application or any last minute changes to the application process.

  5. Students should submit the 3 short answer questions and Creative Work form.

    • LASA strongly recommends that students should have a trusted adult review their work before they submit this information.

    • The rubric for how LASA will assess your responses can be found here.

  6. Students should sign-up for the CogAT exam***. This test will be conducted online and applicants can take it on their own computer in the safety of their home.

    • Students can take the test on a computer at LASA if they need a quiet testing location or if they need a strong Internet connection. Please check the recruitment calendar page for dates/times.

  7. What grades does LASA use in the admission process?

    • ONLY non-AISD students need to submit grades as LASA has access to grades for AISD students.

    • LASA is not accepting 2nd semester grades from 2019-2020 because of COVID-19 issues. All non-AISD students must submit an electronic copy of their first semester grades for 2019-2020 and an electronic copy of their first semester grades from 2020-2021.

If you are only sending a hard copy of your application, please send all documents to the address below. Also we will not return any documents so please only send copies of documents. We will also not consider any items like principal awards, honor society certificates or any other certificates so please do not send those items.

Attention: LASA Admissions 2021-2022

Liberal Arts and Science Academy

7309 Lazy Creek Drive Suite 225

Austin TX 78724

*Please check the useful links below for other information including the rubric for how LASA will assess applications.

*Throughout the application process, we will communicate with you via email with any updates or when your application is complete. If you completed and submitted all of your application materials but you did not receive a confirmation email, please email LASA at Before you contact LASA, please check your spam folder to ensure that the confirmation email was not blocked. We typically send out these emails at the end of the week starting in December. We are looking forward to getting to know all of our applicants through this application process.

Students: if you are logged into your student google account, you will not be able to see the documents below.

Please log out of your student account first.


** Online is the preferred method (online and hard copy formats are treated the same; Please do not submit both methods.)