Updates & Announcements:


  • 7:30pm: Emails for the CogAT are currently being sent out; please be patient; If you have not received an email with your CogAT instructions by 9pm tonight, please email Mr. Paulson and he will respond after 7am Saturday. The testing company is sending the email (Riverside Insights not LASA) and assures us that it is sending them right now.

  • 7:00pm: (NOT COGAT TEST RELATED) Application Status Emails have been sent to everyone unless you previously received an APPLICATION COMPLETE email. LASA sends an APPLICATION COMPLETE EMAIIL once all items have been marked received. Should you have questions about your application status (NOT the CogAT test), please sign up to talk to our LASA representative here. This is the last opportunity to do so. LASA will be unable to answer any application status questions on Monday, February 1st. Please note, the status emails reflect all materials processed up to noon, today, Friday, Jan. 29th.

  • 4:15pm: For this Saturday, Jan 30th CogAT Testing, emails with instructions will be sent around 4pm 6pm today (Friday).


  • Sign-up to speak with a LASA representative during the Jan 30th CogAT Testing times regarding application status and items still labeled pending (excluding anything to do with cogAT) here.

  • The cogAT sign up for the 1/30 test has been turned off. If you missed the deadline, please email Mr. Paulson.

  • There is no cogAT setup required for the 1/30 test.


  • Status update emails were sent out to all students who successfully completed the cogAT on Saturday, January 23. The cogAT will show as RECEIVED.

  • If you received a status email but the cogAT is labeled as PENDING that means other items on the list changed from PENDING to RECEIVED but you did not complete the cogAT Saturday, January 23.

  • If you were signed up to take the cogAT on January 23 and have not received a status email showing the cogAT as RECEIVED, LASA will be in touch regarding next steps.


Another CogAT testing session has been added for Wednesday, Jan 27th from 4pm-6pm. Deadline for signing up is Tuesday, Jan 26th at 5pm. Please visit our recruitment calendar page to sign up.


  • If you see a "waiting" screen. Just wait. Wait about 20 minutes or so. Logout and log back in. Wait about 10 mins more. If nothing changes, log off and call it a day. LASA will reach out to you by Wednesday via email.

    • Students are in "proctored" sessions together so the waiting is waiting for other students to start/finish/do the questions before the "group" can move on. If you successfully started the test, you will need to be PATIENT for each section. You most likely will see a blank/waiting type screen while others finish or the time runs out. Remember, each section is timed.

  • If you are considering testing at LASA next weekend to avoid cogAT testing issues, please only do so if you have spotty internet or need a quiet place to take the test. Please know that your testing experience will be the same except that you will use AISD's wifi. You will still login to the same site that you are doing from home. Also, know that parents will not be allowed on campus.


  • A status email was sent to all applicants who have initiated an application. The email reflects all materials received by 8 AM on Friday, January 22.


  • Check out the CogAT setup page for information on how to get your remote area setup for testing.

  • The testing company is sending links for those testing this Saturday, Jan 23 sometime before Friday evening. Be on the lookout. It will be sent via email to the email you used when you signed up for the test.

  • Be sure to send in a creative statement on your 3 short answers and creative work form:

    • As we are going through the submitted materials we are noticing a number of students are turning in their Creative Work without an accompanying written Creator’s Statement. Per the LASA Creative Work Rubric (easily accessible here), a missing Creator’s Statement can negatively impact the score for the whole Creative Work. We wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention to ensure that all students get a fair chance at a top score.

    • For clarity, we have added an upload slot for the Creator’s Statement on the submission form and we have added it as its own bullet point on the Status Update emails.

    • If you have already submitted a written Creator’s Statement along with your Short Answers and your Creative Work, you can disregard this.

    • If you have already submitted your Short Answers and your Creative Work without the written Creator’s Statement, you have until midnight on February 1st, 2021 to edit your submission. You may edit you submission until February 1st using the link that was emailed to you when you filled out the form.


  • LASA has sent an email to all students that successfully completed the CogAT test this past Saturday.

  • LASA has called all of the students that had technical difficulties from this past Saturday, 1/16, and set up times where they can continue with the assessment.

  • LASA has sent an email to all students that were signed-up to take the test this past Saturday, 1/16, but did not take it for technical or personal reasons.

  • Please know that we have added a test session on Saturday, 1/30 to help with any scheduling issues. You can sign up here.

  • Showcase Reminder Emails have been sent! Hope to see you at Showcase tomorrow!.


4:30 PM

  • Thank you for your patience and understanding today as we tried to administer the CogAT test remotely. We know that it was stressful and we are working through all the issues with the testing company. As you may know, providing a remote solution was very important to us to keep everyone safe and although we know that some of you had issues, we want you know to know that we will work through them all together.

  • There were 9 "sections" of tests, 3 tests in 3 groupings.

  • By Wednesday, January 20th, LASA will email everyone that was signed up for today's cogAT with an update on whether or not your test was completed. If it was not completed, we will provide additional information at that time in that email.

  • Please check back here for more information on Wednesday, January 20th.

  • If you did test at all today, please DO NOT SIGN UP again for next week's test.

As of 2:45PM:

To all that were scheduled for today's CogAT test (AM or PM) and experienced technical issues with the remote cogAT exam:

  • Please know that the company providing the exam has been experiencing issues and we are aware. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this new method of remote testing.

  • Students who were able to log in but could not finish all sections will receive an email from Mr. Paulson on Wednesday (January 20) with more information on how to fix the issues. Please do NOT sign up to take the test again.



    • If you signed up to take the exam at LASA, please plan to arrive at LASA (7309 Lazy Creek Dr, Austin TX 78724) about 30 minutes before the start of your exam.

    • Please ring the buzzer to be let inside. The door will be manned beginning at 8:30 AM for the morning session and beginning at 12:30 PM for the afternoon session.

    • You must wear a mask and undergo a COVID health screening before entering.

    • Parents/legal guardians are not allowed to wait inside the school building this year due to COVID-19 regulations.

    • Students should bring their cellphone so they can contact their parent/legal guardian/ride once they have completed their test. If they do not have a cellphone they may use the phone in the front office.

  • As of 7:00pm Central Time, all emails have been sent to anyone taking the CogAT test tomorrow, Jan 16th. If you haven't rec'd anything, please email Please note that you will most likely NOT hear back from anyone tonight, 1/15.

  • As of 5:50pm Central Time, CogAT emails have not been sent out yet. Please check back here periodically. Once we know they have been sent out, we will update here.

  • 4:50pm: CogAT sign up has been turned off for BOTH Saturdays. It will be turned on again at 4pm Saturday for the following Saturday's test.

  • 3:20pm: The second status emails have been sent out to all applicants who had submitted materials by noon on Thursday, 1/14/2021. If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder for emails sent by or If you cannot find it there, please reach out to

  • 3:20pm: All applicants or their families can now sign up to speak with a LASA representative over Zoom on the cogAT exam Saturdays. Our representative will be able to answer any questions regarding application status or items labeled PENDING in the Status Update email. If you received that email, please read it carefully before signing up for a slot as your question may have already been answered within it! More information and sign-up here.

  • 10:00am: If you are signed up for Saturday's CogAT test (01.16.2021), information about the logistics will be emailed to you directly from the testing company on Friday afternoon.


  • CogAT test sign up is now available on our Recruitment Calendar page. Please sign up at your earliest convenience.


The first status emails of the year have been sent out to all applicants who had submitted materials by midnight on Monday. 12/14/2020. Due to a technology issue, no status emails were sent to any Austin ISD student emails. The next status update email will go out in January