07.31.2020: Message From Coach Crews

There are a great deal of changes to our football schedule. The UIL established a new fall calendar which starts on September 8 and extends to the first week of December. This means that we had to cancel both of our scrimmages, and 5 of our 9 games. I was able to find a new scrimmage and 2 games, taking us to 1 scrimmage and 6 games. I will post the new schedule once I get the stamp of approval from the district. One important change that everyone should be aware of is that our final game will be on 11/27, the day after Thanksgiving. To me, this is actually a neat experience. Normally playing Thanksgiving week means that you have advanced to the third round of the playoffs, and It’s fun to have football practice on those cool late November mornings! Of course we need to consider everything tentative in these times, and be ready to roll with whatever change comes next.

Thank You,

Coach Crews


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