The bus stop walk range is defined as the maximum walking distance from a student's residential address to the student's assigned stop location. The stop range for Elementary School students is one quarter mile, for Middle School students it is one half mile, for High School students it is one mile. Due to time constraints, and bus passenger capacity, the maximum walk range for Magnet campuses, designated Academies and special programs approved for cross-town busing, is one and a quarter mile. Landmark locations, such as AISD school campuses, may be used to accommodate the most students possible in a timely and efficient manner.


LASA Students can travel to LASA on Magnet Bus Routes provided by AISD. To find a student's route and closest bus stop, use the AISD Bus Stop Finder. Please also use this service to find out bus service for LATE START DAYS.


Should a student need to be dropped off at a different location than the student's house OR if a student needs to ride a bus different from the one assigned on a temporary basis, s/he MUST have a permit. To secure a permit, the parent or guardian needs to complete an Auxiliary Bus Rider Request and Permit and the student needs to bring that request to the LASA Main Office for the appropriate signature. The student needs to give the bus driver the form to be permitted to ride that bus.

Click here for the Bus Rider Request Form.

If a student needs to ride a bus different from the one assigned on a regular basis, the parent/guardian needs to contact AISD Transportation: 414-0238.

BUS TRACKING APP: "Wheresthebus"

AISD is offering the WheresTheBusTM app to provide you with timely information about the location of your child’s bus, including when it will arrive at your stop. The WheresTheBusTM app is free to AISD families whose children ride the bus. The app is available on any device with Internet access (smartphone, tablet, personal computer, iPod)—and takes less than five minutes to install. For more information and instructions, click here. If you have any questions about bus transportation, please call 512-414-0238.


As of 04.21.2021:

Since so few students have been riding the late bus, AISD Transportation has consolidated the routes into two buses: one for the north half of the city and one for the south. Students are expected to sign in using a Google form daily either in the library or their 2nd block class; if students plan to ride the late bus they should indicate their plans on this sign-in form.

Late buses leave at 6:30 from behind the theater; and it is suggested that students arrive at the stops by 6:15 to be sure they find the right bus. If a student doesn't initially see the bus number they expect or isn't sure which bus to take, they should speak with each driver to determine the appropriate bus just in case there is a substitute bus. Finally, late buses don't currently run on Fridays so students should either take the regular bus home or arrange other transportation.

For the foreseeable future, the late bus numbers are as follows:

  • North Late Bus: 2010 or 2017

  • South Late Bus: 2118

If you have questions about the Late Bus, please contact Cheryl Verse 512-414-0239 or Kelly Kahoe 512-414-0237,

Coordinator for Scheduling, AISD Department of Transportation at Cheryl Verse -