Where do I have to live to be able to attend LASA?

Students must live within Austin Independent School District boundaries.

What does your student population look like?

LASA students come from every zip code within the Austin Independent School District. As a result our students come from a wide range of ethnic, socio-economic and racial backgrounds.

What percentage of your students attend college and where do they go?

By their own choice, 100% of our students apply to college.

From each graduating class about 85% of our students attend 4-year colleges and about 12% attend 2-year colleges. Of the remaining 3% about half choose to take a gap year before attending college and the rest pursue other interests.

To see a list of the colleges that our students have been accepted to and attend, you will need to access Naviance. Logon as a guest using the password aisd. From the welcome page click on Colleges and then click on Acceptance History. If you want more information about Naviance, click here.

What makes LASA unique?

Students take courses with teachers who are experts in their fields and attend classes with students who enjoy the challenge provided by those teachers. LASA offers innovative and diverse electives as well as rich extracurricular activities.

LASA has the feel of a small high school where most teachers and students know each other by name. But as part of the larger LBJ community, LASA students received the benefits of a large high school with broader options in terms of athletics, band, choir, orchestra and theatre.

Does LASA have traditional high school activities or is it all about academics?

Besides LASA's great academics, students have opportunities to participate in University Interscholastic League (UIL) sports and arts as well as numerous school clubs. Because LASA and LBJ High School share a facility, they also share: football, basketball, soccer, band, orchestra, choir, golf, and many other sports and activities. LASA students participate in UIL high-school sports and activities under the LBJ High School banner. Go Jaguars!

LASA also has fantastic clubs! A recent count included about 80 different clubs, including Robotics, Quiz Bowl, Bollywood Club, Amateur Radio Club, Cake Club, Pixar Club and ZAST (Zombie Apocalypse Club).

Homecoming, prom, pep rallies, football games, dating, and other traditional high school activities are all present at LASA.

What are the ways that LASA communicates with Parents?

LASA uses a lot of different ways to communicate. Click here to see how to stay connected.

What are Signature Courses?

One of the cornerstones of LASA is the group of courses known as Signature Courses. These innovative classes are collaborative in nature and provide breadth to the education at LASA. Student groups research, design, implement and present projects in the sciences and humanities. LASA freshmen take Electronic Magazine (E-Zine) and Science and Technology (SciTech); sophomores take Planet Earth and Great Ideas.

Does LASA participate in the Student Sharing initiative to take Career and Technology Education (CTE) courses in other high schools?

LASA does not participate in the Student Sharing initiative that the district implemented with other high schools in the north and will be starting among high schools in the south. LASA has many CTE offerings including SciTech, E-Zine, robotics, yearbook, newspaper, AVP, engineering design, biotech, fire academy, and others.

What are LASA school hours?

The LASA school day for 2018-19 begins at 8:15 am and dismisses at 3:45 pm. The schedule will differ for Late Start Days and other days due to weather or special events where AISD deems the schedule change is necessary to accommodate transportation issues.

For complete details about the exact school calendar, we strongly suggest you view the LASA calendar. You can also find the bell schedule at the LASA website.

What are "Late Starts"?

"Late Starts" are specific Thursdays when AISD high school students begin the day around 10am (see bell schedule) to allow time for staff development for high school teachers. Because LASA begins school earlier than other high schools in Austin, our students start their day about 2 hours late. These are coveted days when our kids get to grab a bit more shut eye! The morning schedule will be different for LASA students on late start days. Consult the AISD bus finder for the revised schedule.

Is LASA only a math and science school?

Absolutely not! LASA does have a large selection of advanced classes in math and science such as Differential Equations, Multivariable Calculus, Anatomy and Physiology, and Forensic Science, but its advanced academic offerings span the spectrum, including Japanese, Latin, Literary Magazine, Songwriting, Hitchhiker's Guide to Science Fiction, Human Geography, Constitutional Law, and American Film Analysis.

In addition to great core classes, and electives, LASA requires four Signature Courses of Freshmen and Sophomores: Sci-Tech, E-zine, Planet Earth and Great Ideas, all adding breadth to the LASA curriculum.

Refer to the LASA website for the latest course guide.

How will my child get to and from school?

Transportation to and from LASA is provided by AISD Transportation. Generally speaking, buses leave Austin area neighborhoods early in the morning. Students are bused to Kealing Middle School, where they transfer to a direct bus to LASA High School. Because this makes for a very early morning, many families choose to carpool. In the afternoons, buses leave the LASA campus around 3:55 p.m., and go directly to neighborhood bus stops. Bus stops for the AISD magnet buses are mandated to be within 1.25 miles of magnet school students' homes. Meaning, the most a student would walk to/from the bus stop is 1.25 miles, and in most cases it is less.

There are also late buses serving specific areas of Austin each school day to take students home from after-school activities. Late buses leave campus at 6:45 p.m. from the parking lot on Lazy Creek Blvd. behind the Theater/near the Gym, and depending on the students aboard, create a route accordingly. Late buses deliver students directly to their homes or mid-block if multiple students are on a given street. It is important that students know what part of town they live in, nearest major intersections, and how to direct drivers to their homes when riding the Late Bus.

When are bus schedules issued?

Bus schedules are typically mailed to your residence and available online in August. You can go to the AISD Bus Finder to find the most up-to-date stops and schedule.

How much homework is there at LASA?

There is quite a bit of homework at LASA, similar to many other high schools. Some nights there are hours, some nights little to none. Many students are able to handle extra-curricular activities, do their homework, and still get 8 hours of sleep each night.

Do students requiring 504 accommodations attend LASA?

Yes, students with 504 accommodations or learning disabilities can attend LASA. Contact the LASA office for further information.

How does the school day change for Finals Week?

Finals Week takes place during the last week of each semester. The school day begins at the regular time, two class finals take place each day and the school day ends early, typically sometime between 12 and 1 p.m. Buses pick up students from school earlier than normal, after the last final. Check the LASA calendar for specific times.

How does counseling work at LASA?

LASA has four academic counselors who are assigned freshman year to portions of the alphabet, so that students benefit from being in contact with the same counselor all four years.

LASA has two Wellness Counselors who work to maintain a strong awareness of and emphasis on mental health and wellness at LASA.

LASA has two College Counselors who work closely with students during the college application process. Additionally, LASA has formed an excellent system to assist students with college letters of recommendation and and support college application essays.

Who are the AISD Board of Trustees?

The Austin Independent School District (AISD) Board of Trustees are the district's elected leaders who represent community expectations of AISD as they chart the direction of educational programs and services in the district. Trustees employ the superintendent, approve the budget and monitor expenditures, set the tax rate, and may call for a bond or tax rate election. The board also establishes policies for operating the district and ensuring its financial viability. More information regarding the trustees is located at the AISD website.