Email Attendance Note Example

The following info in bold is necessary to ensure your student's absence is coded correctly in TEAMS.

Dear LASA Attendance office,

Please excuse ___<Student first and last name> ___ for being absent on __<DATE>____.

He/She was absent because ____<Reason for the absence & any other details (whether it was a partial absence, etc.)>___.

Thank you,

Your Name

Your Email Address


Students need to check in at the LASA office when they arrive late to campus.

If the student is coming from a doctor’s appointment, please make sure he/she obtains a note from the doctor’s office to excuse the absence or tardy. If the student forgets one, please have the doctor’s office fax one over to the LASA office (512-414-6050)


The parent/guardian will need to come to the LASA office to sign his/her student out. Please bring in your ID (even if you are already in the system). LASA will need to scan your ID in order to sign out your student.

Helpful Tip : To help facilitate signing out your student, if possible, please send a note with your child earlier that day or email a note to Ms. V, stating you will need them to be in the office for pick up at a designated time. The student will need to bring that note to the office and get a pass to get out of class.

If someone else will be picking up your student:

  1. Make sure that person is on the list to pick up your student.

  2. If the person is not listed on your student's record then LASA will need something in writing from the parent, saying that he/she is giving permission for this person to pick up the student. This person will need to come to the LASA office and show his/her ID to sign out the student.

College Visits

Per AISD policy students are allowed 2 EXCUSED visits per school year. This policy is only for Juniors and Seniors. 9th or 10th graders that decide to do a college visit will not be excused. This doesn’t include travel for the college visit.

In order for the visit to be excused, a student will need to turn in EITHER:

  1. A note from the college/ university with a signature and specific date of visit OR

  2. Email confirmation (forwarded to LASA attendance clerk) the student received when he/she first signed up for the college visit. Make sure it has the specific date of the college visit.