Eric Breland


Hello! I'm Eric Breland and I teach American Sign Language or ASL at 2 campuses LASA and Anderson High School. I teach levels 1-4 and am the only ASL Teacher at both of my schools.

I began my ASL language learning journey at the age of 13 and am still on that journey today. I believe you never stop learning, growing, and changing as long as you are still alive and breathing. I received my AA in Interpreting for the Deaf from Tarrant County College and my BS in Rehabilitation Counseling with a minor in Chemical Dependency from the University of North Texas. I obtained my teacher certificate through Texas Teachers and am certified to teach ASL, Special Education K-12, and General education 4-8. This will be my 10th year teaching and my third year at LASA and Anderson High School.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy playing games including board, computer, console and table-top; cooking; poetry (I am a published poet and have toured performing my original poems across the United States); watching football (HUGE Green Bay Packers fan); Netflix binge watching; Sci-Fi; bowling (I bowl in a weekly league); traveling both inside and outside of the US;

Grettel Granados


I was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica, but migrated to the United Staes in my early 20s. I lived in Houston for 10 years and then later moved to Austin. I have worked both as a Spanish teacher and a bilingual teacher of non-English speakers. All my extended family lives in Costa Rica, but we try to stay in touch and I visit San José often. I enjoy traveling to other countries as well, and I enjoy learning about different cultures, languages and food customs. Whenever I travel, I make an effort to visit local food markets and I always try to get to know local residents. It doesn’t rain in Central Texas as often as it rains in Central America, and I very much miss it. I don’t like cold weather, and some students complain because I do not typically run the air conditioner at full blast. I try to stay very healthy — mostly by eating well. That means avoiding junk food. Teaching Spanish is super fun, especially when it comes to AP. I enjoy exploring different cultures with my students in class and confronting new challenges. To learn even more about me, check out the attached video.

Hiroko Karch


Hello! こんにちは!

I'm Ms.Karch (Karch sensei). I'm from Tokyo. This is my fifth year at LASA. Before coming to LASA I worked at the language school and international schools overseas.

I'm excited to start the new school year and see you soon!

Adriana Lacera


My name is Adriana Lacera, and I teach Spanish and Italian at LASA High School. I have been teaching for 23 years, and this will be my 9th year at LASA. I started my career in Florida, before moving to Texas. I have taught all levels, from elementary age children to retired adults. I honestly feel like I am doing what I love, and couldn't imagine doing anything else. My students are an inspiration, and often times, they teach me just as much as I teach them! When I'm not in the classroom, I like to spend my time outdoors, running, riding bike, or simply walking in nature. I like to spend my summers in a different country, immersed in the culture.

Lily Lee


Bonjour! I grew up in Oregon, and just moved to Austin. I lived in France for a school year, where I taught English, after finishing my Bachelor's at the University of Oregon. I received my MAT from Southern Oregon University. I started learning French at 14, and now I'm a lifelong learner! When I'm not teaching, I love spending time with my cat (named Ellie), playing board games, cooking, and listening to podcasts. I'm so excited to be here!

Christopher Parks


I have been teaching languages since I graduated from SMU and returned from studies in Berlin in 2006. My passion for German language, literature, and culture grew out of my time spent with my grandmother, who was born in Berlin in 1942. Outside of teaching English, German, and Italian before coming to LASA, I also took classes to improve my Spanish and Dutch, along with some beginner courses in Mandarin Chinese and French. Languages have been a lifelong passion of mine since I first learned German nursery rhymes from my Oma. Alongside my fascination with languages and cultures, I grew up being very active in marching band. I have always loved team sports and have been a member of a championship masters rowing team with the Texas Rowing Center for the past 4 years. I enjoy reading and writing in my free time. All 3 of my brothers live in Austin, including my twin brother.

Rachel Pate


Bonjour! I’m Madame Pate, and this will be my second year of teaching French at LASA. This year, I’m teaching levels 2, 3, 5, and 6. I’ve spent a lot of time this summer developing curriculum for online learning, and I’m really looking forward to getting started. I’ve also had some free time stuck at home so I’ve been taking my dog (an adopted pit bull named Gus) on adventures (aka walks), cooking, watching lots of movies, and reading. I’m excited to see my former students and meet the new ones. On y va!

Luis Miguel Ramirez


Profe Ramírez has lived in Austin since 2006. He's originally from Palmview, Texas, a border town of the Rio Grande Valley. His family has lived in Texas and México for many generations, and is a heritage learner of Spanish. He first taught at Del Valle High School and came to LASA in 2017.

He graduated from UT Austin in 2010 with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Spanish Language Teaching. He was also wrote for The Daily Texan Newspaper, was a lifeguard at Gregory Gym, and a member of the UT Longhorn Singers show choir where he was Costumes Coordinator and Social Chair. In the summer of 2009 he was an intern reporter at KXAN Austin News.

In 2012 he was Video Producer and Social Media Specialist for Digital Marketer and AbsoluteRights.com (now Breaking News Alerts) and reported from the GOP Convention in Tampa, Florida where several of his stories received national air time on CNN. He also was the Digital Content Specialist at the 2013 Traffic & Convention Summit in San Francisco, California.

Profe Ramírez is also lead singer of Son de Rey - a Latin Alternative band who has received several accolades including Austin Music Award nominations and a city proclamation. In 2012 they released an EP, and a full length album in 2015. Son de Rey has also worked with many Grammy Award Winning acts, producers and accomplished musicians, and has toured throughout Texas.

He has studied in Spain over the last few summers, and in 2020 he will earn his masters in Spanish Language and Culture from the University of Salamanca. His thesis is on "Selena Quintanilla: A Motivational Figure in the U.S. Spanish Language Classroom."

He enjoys traveling, collecting art and Nickelodeon cel animation, dancing, designing clothing, hanging with friends, and family time.

Emma Renault-Varian


When I was in college, I got a lot of skeptical looks when I told people I was majoring in Latin. “But what will you *do* with such a useless major?” was probably the most common response. I had a lot of answers up my sleeve -- everything from “writing incantations for shows like Buffy and Supernatural” to “translating for the ancient Roman ambassador at the UN, of course” -- but now I teach Latin for a living, which is very possibly the best job in the entire world. (Except astronaut. Nothing trumps astronaut.)

My Latin adventure actually began at Kealing Jr. High (before it was a middle school) and continued at LASA, so I have officially been reading -- and loving -- Latin for over half of my life. When I’m not teaching Latin, I am often doing such exciting things as reading Latin alone, reading Latin with friends, speaking Latin with friends, listening to Latin podcasts, writing Latin stories, and attending conventions to learn to teach Latin better. My favorite color is purple, my favorite root beer is Abita, and my favorite dinosaur is Procompsognathus (sorry, Raptors).

Valerie Zhong



I am Ms. Zhong (Zhong Laoshi), and this is my 4th year at LASA. I teach Mandarin Chinese 1- 6. Prior to joining the LASA team, I taught Chinese and Physics at other public schools in the greater Austin area. I also have teaching and research experience in higher education and private industry. I am originally from Guangzhou, China, a modern city with thousands of years of history. I can speak Cantonese as well, and enjoy traveling, reading and spending time with family. I love teaching and being able to work with students. I look forward to having a great year with all of my students! 欢迎!