Ryan Bailey

Ryan Bailey (that's me) is entering his fifth (and a half) year at LASA, having taught a variety of courses, with Precalculus AB being my specialty taught every year. I went to UT and graduated in 2016 with a B.S. in Mathematics, where I student taught at LASA that Spring alongside Mr. Laughead.

I thought math was stupid for quite a while, until I took calculus and all the little aspects of math that we had learned for so long finally came together in a cohesive narrative. I try to pass along all those pieces as much as I can in all of my classes. The narrative of math influences the way I teach my classes now, and I think turns my dreaded experience of precal into something way more enjoyable for y'all.

During the school year, I also sponsor Math Club, Christian Club, Food Consumption Club, Badder Movie Club, and many more I can't even remember at this point...

I love donuts (it's from my math research I did in college), I love math, I like playing music (drums and bass for church), and I enjoy reading and listening to debates on theology.

If we had class in person, I'd offer you some trail mix. One day...

Charlie Barnes

Mr. Barnes started teaching at LASA in 2013.

Lee Barrow

Grew up in small town outside Atlanta. Attended college at Georgia Tech due to interest in math. Obtained BS Chemistry degree and Ph.D. Physical Chemistry degrees. Worked for three oil, gas, and chemical companies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Houston from 1982 to 2007. Always wanted to be a teacher, so became certified to teach high school math and chemistry. Taught various math courses in three North Houston high schools. Taught AP Calculus and Statistics at an academy high school in The Woodlands. Played the piano for many decades and taught piano lessons to young adults. Especially like blues, jazz and grand opera. Also like classic Broadway musicals. Played the piano for several community musical theatre groups. LASA is the Austin high school for which I wanted to work teaching math!

Jon Croston

Jon Croston has been teaching and coaching at LASA for eight years. He teaches AP Physics and AP Calculus and also coaches Cross Country and Golf. He has over 20 years teaching too many different subjects at various schools, including the Croston School of Math. He was also a librarian in NYC and manager at a local Paintball field.

Mr. Croston grew up in Kansas City and South Florida. He loves sports and is a big fan of the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs. He graduated from Wheaton College (outside Chicago).

Mr. Croston lives way north of Austin with his wife, three wonderful children, and a zoo of animals. Currently this is 6 cats, 3 dogs, 2 bunnies and 2 guinea pigs. Although this may have expanded since this was written, his family is pushing for chickens. He wants an otter. When he actually gets a break he enjoys spending time with the family and most of the pets, reading and playing Fantasy Football.

Kevin Crow

Mr. Crow has taught Algebra II and AP Statistics at LASA for six years, after a year of teaching Statistics at a Harmony Public Charter School. He graduated at UT with B.S. in Physics and grew up in San Antonio, but not in that order.

At LASA, he has hosted, and will likely continue host, the Chess Club and Smash Club (a club that plays games in the Super Smash Bros. Franchise).

Mr. Crow is confident he can crush any student at table tennis, particularly in a tournament legal setting.

He is not fond of olives.

Sarah Harrelson

Hi I'm Sarah Harrelson. I grew up in Houston and am one of like six people in the world who loves Houston (because it's the greatest city in the country). I started teaching math at LASA in 2008. Before that I worked at high schools and colleges in Long Island (that's in New York you Texans) and the twin cities (Minnesota omg people buy a map). I have degrees from UT-Austin and U of M-TC, so all in all I spent 19 years benefiting from high quality public schools before becoming a teacher in one.

Things to know about me - I use way too many words when I speak and I flap my hands around a lot. I get very excited and take some things way too seriously. I flip out about math and often explain mathematical ideas to people who definitely did not ask me to. I secretly worry every time a student brings me some new idea to think about that I won't be smart enough to understand. I try too hard when I'm teaching and come off as pretty dorky sometimes. I get super uncomfortable when people cry in front of me, and I don't like hugs. I've got two kids who I make fun of all the time - they both play softball. I love the Astros and no I don't want to talk about sign stealing. I really really love (and complain about constantly) my job.

James Laughead

I managed to graduate from LASA in 2012, and came back after graduating from UT in 2016. I've taught Spanish I and Advanced Mathematical Reasoning, and am currently teaching BC Algebra II and BC Precalculus while trying to make a new math class for the future. When I'm not doing math, I'm usually playing video games, or doing whatever the more well-rounded people in my life want to do together.

Andrew Stepek

My name is Andrew Stepek. I teach school and I like people, places, and things. My family exists and I live in a building. I enjoy hobbies. I also went to both a high school and a university, although not at the same time.

Terry Stripling

This is my first year at LASA and I’m looking forward to teaching Calculus and absorbing all of the wonderful LASA traditions and history.

I grew up in Auburn, Alabama and did take a few courses at Auburn University (War Eagle!). For college, I headed to UT (Go Horns!) where I received a B.S. in Mathematics and a M.S. in Statistics. After graduating, I worked as a consulting pension actuary. After resigning and starting a family, I volunteered for every STEM opportunity at my daughter’s schools. I even substituted for a couple of the high school math teachers. I enjoyed it so much, I decided to become a teacher myself.

I love mathematics, but I also have an interest in music. At one point I was a pretty serious clarinet player. In college, I played in multiple ensembles including the Longhorn Band, but now I only play about once per year. I’m an exceptionally average cellist, but love playing in my community orchestra. And lastly, I’m a lousy piano player, but it does come in handy every once in a while.

Raunel Suarez-Magana

Hello, I was born in Mexico City and moved to Texas when I was 8. I still visit Mexico from time to time, mostly for the food (and family). I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2016 and have been teaching Math ever since. In my free time, I like to play sports, read, enjoy nature and listen to music.

Hannah Weems

I was born and raised right here in Austin and graduated from McCallum Fine Arts Academy in 2009. After that I ran away to upstate New York for college and grad school but now I'm back! Only because Texas has the best air conditioning in the world.

For the past 6-ish years I've been running a math tutoring center, so this will be my first year with my own classroom. I'm pretty nervous so please be patient with me!

I live with one human roommate (not pictured) and one feline roommate (pictured). When I'm not working I like movie marathons, crossword puzzles, dance parties, and anything involving water.

T. Michael Word

As a lifelong Austinite, I have always been able to call Austin home. I love teaching geometry, so much so that I have been teaching it for over 25 years. For 20 of those years I have been preparing students at Kealing Middle School so that they might become LASA students someday (like both of my own children were able to do).

For many years I would spend my summers dancing and singing in local musical productions and even did a few shows during the school year. I met my wife in a production of West Side Story and now we focus our energy on embarrassing or occasionally entertaining our children by singing and dancing at home or sometimes spontaneously in public.