The LBJ/LASA High School Library

Situated in the center of the academic wing, with all the daily activity and buzz circulating around, the library is one of the most dynamic places on campus. Its multipurpose function lends itself to hosting art shows, banquets, district meetings, guest speakers, and annual exams. However, the primary purpose is to assist students with day-to-day functions that support their academic success.

While in the library, students have access to about thirty newly refurbished computers for research, assignment completion, and free printing (some restrictions apply). General art materials like butcher paper and markers are also available. A generous alumni donation of storage trays and art supplies recently enhanced our resources, and students can access them at any time.

Group projects are often assigned throughout the year, and the library has a variety of spaces to accommodate them, including common areas and the Conference Room. Learning groups can stop by most days to film skits, hash through mathematical formulas, or organize debate topics. Teachers can also reserve space on students’ behalf by consulting library staff in advance.

The library has hundreds of books to satisfy leisure reading and assignment research. The collection is easy to navigate, and library staff are always on hand to assist. Students have 24/7 access to the online library catalog and research databases through their Austin ISD Cloud, or by clicking here. A book order is made every year, and suggestions from students and teachers alike are often solicited.

Library staff feature books in creative, ongoing displays using collection materials based on themes that cycle throughout the year. This helps to spotlight treasured items and to promote a diverse array of literature. Student-led book clubs are another way that library staff encourage literacy and love of books. Library staff are welcoming and knowledgeable, and are always open to suggestions on how students can be better served.

The following titles were recently acquired by the library. This represents a cross-section of genres which reflect our diverse student body and their interests. Please scan through all of the pages to see the various genres we offer.

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