Parking Permit Request


LASA students driving to school must have a permit to park (below) in the LBJ/LASA student parking lot.

If you plan to park on campus during the 2019/2020 school year, you need a parking permit. (Parking Permits acquired previous years are NOT valid. You must get a new one every school year.)

In order to obtain a parking permit you need the following:

  1. Completed Parking Permit Application for 2019/2020 (below and available in the front office)
  2. Valid Texas Driver’s License or Permit
  3. Valid Proof of Insurance (please double check the expiration date on your insurance letter before bringing it in)
  4. $5

Students under 18 need the signature of a parent or legal guardian on the Parking Permit Application or a permit cannot be issued. Please have your parent or legal guardian print out and sign the attached document ahead of time if they are not accompanying you to TCBE. Parking Permit Applications cannot be received electronically. Please bring a physical copy to the office.

Please note you are not allowed to park on campus until you have a parking permit. It is highly recommended that you obtain your parking permit during TCBE as the first few weeks of school tend to be a busy time.

Parking Permit 201920.pdf